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Looking for job opportunities in Malaysia's thriving startup scene?

Look no further than EPS! With over 4,800 new technology companies and counting, Malaysia's startup ecosystem is growing rapidly, and EPS is at the forefront of studying its potential to contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future for the region.

We recently had the pleasure of hearing firsthand experiences from three startups, including Malaysia's first unicorn CARSOME, soon-to-be unicorn Aerodyne. Our discussion with these key players in the ecosystem reaffirmed our conviction on the potential of the new economy and why we believe that startups are a vital building block for Malaysia.

To help startups succeed, EPS believes that mentorship programs and "pay it forward" attitudes from other tech founders are essential, as well as a level playing field and pooling together of startups and international investment firms to increase funding opportunities. According to a report by Nikkei Asia, Malaysia accounted for 3.3% of the total US$15.82 billion in startup equity funding raised in Southeast Asia last year.

As Malaysia ramps up its digitalization efforts, the role of startups will become increasingly more prominent. The RM25.5 billion investment by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create an Infrastructure Region in Malaysia by 2037 will definitely boost the startup ecosystem, as it gives startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises a greater choice for running their applications and serving end users from data centers located in Malaysia.

EPS sees the molding of startups with resilient and sustainable business models into larger companies as having a positive multiplier effect to the economy, via job creation and the strengthening of supply chains. As the world's leading bank for trade finance, we are always looking for ways to help businesses innovate, develop the solutions of the future, and add value. We believe that startups with robust, resilient, and sustainable business models should be given the support to scale up to be regional champions.

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Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of Malaysia's digitalization and startup revolution.

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